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Backing up databases

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Hard drive failure, files encrypted by ransomware, inadvertent file deletion—these are only a few scenarios that may render your data unavailable.

To mitigate the implications, you are advised to perform regular backups of your database. Ideally, those backups should be encrypted, since DICOM files often include sensitive information.


Which files and folders should I back up?


The database consists of a database file (with the "rdbdb" extension) and a database folder (with the ".rdvdata" extension). These are located in the same folder:




You can view the location of the database file by hovering the mouse cursor over the hard disk free space indicator.




Both the database file and folder need to be included in the backup.


Note: If some studies were added to the database via the "Add links" import mode, you also need to back up any folders that contain the DICOM studies that are located outside the RadiAnt database folder.