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RadiAnt DICOM Viewer

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Quick movie

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Select  Export movie / Quick movie  from the menu under the export button or press  F2 .




Choose the desired rotation range and plane:


360 – a full rotation is performed, starting from the current view

180 – the object is rotated 180 degrees, with its current view in the middle of the rotation

180 loop – the object is rotated 90 degrees, starting from the current view, then a 180-degree rotation in the opposite direction is performed before a 90-degree rotation then returns the object to its initial position


Horizontal – object is rotated in the horizontal plane

Vertical – object is rotated in the vertical plane

Combined – object is first rotated in the horizontal and then in the vertical plane


Select movie resolution and speed (frames per second). Enter total movie length in seconds and click  Export movie .




Choose the exported file location and name, then click  Save .




The preview window will show export progress and the estimated finish time.




Note: on slower systems without GPU acceleration, when a high-resolution movie with many image frames is exported, the process may take many hours (or even days!) to finish.