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3D Cursor

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The 3D Cursor tool can be displayed for better correlation of the anatomy when browsing series with different image planes (e.g. Magnetic Resonance study). It is visible as a blue cross-hair cursor that marks the same point in 3D space on all images.




Hold  Ctrl + Shift  and press the left mouse button to show the 3D Cursor. Drag the mouse, with its left button pressed to change the position of the cursor in the active viewport. Images in other viewports will be scrolled automatically so that the displayed image plane is closest to the 3D cursor. The cursor disappears when the mouse button is released. Reference lines are temporarily hidden when the 3D Cursor is active. When Cine mode is enabled, the 3D Cursor cannot be activated.


If the cursor is located at some distance from the image plane (and no image with a closer plane can be found), it will be displayed in the red color.




The 3D Cursor tool can be permanently assigned to the left mouse button by choosing it from the toolbar menu or by pressing the  Q  key.