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3D Volume Rendering (VR)

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The 3D Volume Rendering tool provided by RadiAnt DICOM Viewer can be used to visualize large volumes of data generated by modern CT/MR scanners in three dimensional space. The different aspects of the data set can be interactively explored in the 3D VR window.





Opening the VR window


1. Open the volume series in the 2D viewer window and click the  3D Volume Rendering  button on the toolbar, or use the  F3  shortcut.




2. After the series is loaded into memory and preprocessed the VR representation will be displayed in a new window. This process can take a few seconds on slower systems.




Some series cannot be used with the VR tool (e.g. in case of images with nonparallel planes).




If the images are not spaced evenly within the volume, the missing slices will be interpolated and some visual artifacts may appear in presentation and measurements.


Note that some larger series (e.g. >2000 CT images) require more than 1GB of free memory and 64-bit RadiAnt DICOM Viewer version to be loaded successfully.