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RadiAnt DICOM Viewer

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DICOM files contain a lot of information stored in tags associated with the image.

The most important data is overlaid on top of the image displayed, grouped in the corners.

Depending on image modality, some fields may be missing.


Top left




Number of displayed image and total number of loaded images

Series number

Compression info (displayed only when lossy compression is used)




The following additional fields are presented only for MG modality (mammography):

Image laterality

View position

Top right




Patient first and last name

Patient ID

Patient birth date and sex

Institution name

Study ID

Study description

Series description

Image comments

Study comments

Rotation/flip (if applied)

Bottom left




Mouse cursor position (coordinates of the pixel in displayed DICOM image) and value of the pixel

Window level and window width (brightness and contrast), name of window preset, negative mode indicator

Thickness and location of the slice (e.g. CT and MR modalities) or rotation and tilt of x-ray lamp (XA modality)

Bottom right




Field strength (FS, only for MR modality)

Repetition time, Echo time (TR, TE, only for MR modality)

Date and time of image acquisition




If the DICOM image contains scale information (pixel spacing), two 10cm rulers with 1cm marks are displayed along left and bottom edges of the panel (red arrows).


If the DICOM image contains information about patient orientation in space, there is a letter (or combination of letters) symbolizing the patient’s sides displayed at the center of each panel's edge (green arrows).


A – anterior

P – posterior

L – left

R – right

S – superior

I - inferior


Annotations can be turned off and on by clicking the  Annotations  button on the toolbar or pressing  F12  key.




To hide all patient data (in series preview bar, panel title bar, overlaid annotations) click  Hide patient data  menu item or use the  Shift + F12  shortcut.





DICOM overlays


DICOM overlays are monochromatic graphics (measurements, directions, annotations, etc.) that may be included in the DICOM file. Their display is enabled by default.
They can be hidden by choosing  Hide DICOM overlay  from the menu or using  Ctrl + Shift + F12  shortcut.