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RadiAnt DICOM Viewer

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Exporting images

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RadiAnt DICOM Viewer can export opened images or series to the following formats:




WMV (movie)

MP4 (movie) - available on Windows 7 and newer systems



Basic export


Click  Export  tool button or use  Ctrl + E  to show the export window.




The export window will be opened so you can choose the destination format and source images:


Current image (image displayed in active panel)

Current series (all images displayed in active panel)

All opened series (all series visible in the series preview bar)




Click  Export  to browse for the destination folder.




After clicking  OK , the process will start.

The progress of the export will be shown on the status bar.





Advanced export


For advanced settings click  More options  before starting the export.




Additional controls will become visible (some may be inactive, depending on the destination file format).




Export location


Folder - click "Choose folder" to browse for the destination folder.

Filename prefix - a string that will precede each exported file's name.

Show in Explorer after export - exported images will be opened in File Explorer after the operation is completed.


File settings


Image size


Default (1:1) - the size of the exported image will exactly match the source image in DICOM file.

Current size - the size of the exported image will be exactly as seen in the panel.

Fit to - the size of the exported image can be chosen from the list of dimensions or set to custom values.




Full - all annotations will be visible in exported images.

Basic (anonymous) - patient name and ID will be hidden.

Disabled - no annotations will be visible in exported images.


JPEG/Movie Quality - move the slider left to reduce the destination file size (worse quality), or right for larger destination files (better quality).


Frame rate (available only for WMV/MP4 export)


Default - the destination movie frame rate will match the source DICOM image default frame rate.

Custom - the frame rate can be set to custom value.



DICOM to DICOM export


Source files are copied directly to the destination folder when DICOM is chosen as destination format.

Export to DICOM files is unavailable for secondary images obtained with the use of either MPR (Multiplanar Reconstruction), Fusion, or TIC (Time-intensity curve) tools.