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RadiAnt DICOM Viewer

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The overlay.xml file can be used to change the default annotations displayed over images in RadiAnt DICOM Viewer.


It is located either in the "C:\ProgramData\RadiantViewer" (Windows 7, 8, Vista) or "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\RadiantViewer" (Windows XP) folder.


When RadiAnt DICOM Viewer is used as a patient CD/DVD viewer, the overlay.xml file can be also placed in the "COMMON" folder on the CD/DVD media.


Sample file:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>




                 <i r="0" s="1" c="1"/>

                 <i r="1" s="2"/>

                 <i r="2" s="3"/>



                 <i r="0" a="1" s="4"/>

                 <i r="1" a="1"><e k="1" i="00100020"/></i>

                 <i r="2" s="5"/>

                 <i r="3"><e k="1" i="00080080"/></i>

                 <i r="4"><e k="1" i="00200010"/></i>

                 <i r="5"><e k="1" i="00081030"/></i>

                 <i r="6"><e k="1" i="0008103E"/></i>

                 <i r="7"><e k="1" i="00204000"/></i>

                 <i r="8"><e k="1" i="00324000"/></i>

                 <i r="9" s="6" c="1"/>



                 <i r="0" s="A"/>

                 <i r="1" s="D" c="1"/>

                 <i r="2" s="C" c="1"/>



                 <i r="0" s="9"/>




 <set c="1">


                 <i r="0" s="e" c="1"/>




 <set m="MR" e="1">


                 <i r="1" s="7"/>

                 <i r="2" s="8"/>




 <set m="CT" e="1">


                 <i r="1" s="F"/>




 <set m="MG" e="1">


                 <i r="3"><e k="1" i="00200062"/></i>

                 <i r="4"><e k="1" i="00185101"/></i>








<set>                a collection of annotations grouped in four corners of the image panel


<set> attributes:

"m"                modality (a set is considered as default if the "m" attribute is missing)

"c"                c="0" - set defined for static images, c="1" - set defined for CINE mode

"e"                e="0" - set overwrites default set, e="1" - set extends default set


<tl>                top left corner

<tr>                top right corner

<bl>                bottom left corner

<br>                bottom right corner


<i>                single row - can be one of the predefined annotations or a collection of elements (texts and DICOM tag values)


<i> attributes:

"r"                row index (0 ... n), starting from the panel border (0 - a row closest to the border)

"a"                1 - the row is hidden when anonimization is enabled

"c"                font color: 0 - yellow, 1 - red

"d"                1 - the row is hidden when the included DICOM element(s) is missing


"s"                if present, one of the predefined annotations is used:


01                Current image number and total number of images in the viewport (e.g. "3/237")

02                Current series number (e.g. "Se: 4")

03                Lossy image compression info (e.g. "Lossy compression (JPEG 2000)")

04                Patient name (without ^^^)

05                Patient birthday and sex (e.g. "1952-02-09 M")

06                Rotation/flip info (e.g. "R: 90° CCW F: H")

07                MRI TE and TR times (e.g. "TR: 540.0 TE: 14.0")

08                MRI strength of field (e.g. "FS: 1.5")

09                Image acquisition date and time (or study date and time if acquisition timestamp is not available) (e.g. "2009-12-03 19:23:12")

0A                Thickness and location of the image (e.g. "T: 5.0mm L: -68.7mm")

0B                Positioner angles (e.g. "LAO: 9 CRA: 27")

0C                Mouse cursor position (in DICOM image coordinates) and value of the DICOM pixel under cursor (e.g. "X: 139 Y: 281 Val: 105")

0D                Window width and level info, window preset, negative mode (e.g. "WL: 40 WW: 80 [CT Brain]")

0E                Current real FPS (frames per second) value during CINE run (e.g. "15 fps")

0F                X-ray tube current in mA and peak kilovoltage output of the x-ray generator(e.g. "330mA 120kV")

10                3D cursor position in milimeters (e.g. "X: 28.94mm Y: -6.12mm Z: -487.03")



<e>                single element (a text or a DICOM tag value)

<e> attributes:

"k"                1 - DICOM tag value, 2 - text element

"i"                DICOM tag ID (group and element hex values), valid only if k="1"

"t"                a text, valid only if k="2"


an example of a row consisiting of the text element and the DICOM tag value:

<i r="3" d="1"><e k="2" t="Body part examined: "/><e k="1" i="00180015"/></i>