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The synchronization feature lets you apply the same settings (slice position, zoom & pan, window) to the series of images opened in multiple panels.

There are three synchronization modes available in RadiAnt DICOM Viewer: Auto RadiAnt_DICOM_Viewer_Synchronization_Button_Automatic , Manual RadiAnt_DICOM_Viewer_Synchronization_Button_Manual and Disabled RadiAnt_DICOM_Viewer_Synchronization_Button_Disabled.

You can switch between these modes by clicking the  Toggle series synchronization  button on the toolbar.




The synchronization mode can by also toggled by clicking the   Toggle series synchronization  drop-down menu item or by pressing the  F5  shortcut key.




In the same menu you will also find items controlling the options of synchronization:


 Synchronize slice position 

 Synchronize zoom & pan 

 Synchronize window settings  (disabled by default)