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RadiAnt DICOM Viewer

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URL protocol

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Local RadiAnt DICOM Viewer installation can be controlled using the radiant:// URL protocol.

By clicking special links in web browsers, all actions available via command-line arguments can be executed.


How can I create radiant:// URLs?


You have to pass command-line arguments (their names and values) via the URL query parameters "n" and "v" respectively.

Special characters (e.g., quotes, spaces) have to be URL encoded.


Sample command-line to URL translations:



radiantviewer.exe -d "folder1" "folder2" "folder3"





radiantviewer.exe -pstv 0020000D "STUDYUID"





radiantviewer.exe -paet MYPACSAETITLE -pstv 00100020 "PATIENTID"