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RadiAnt DICOM Viewer

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Multiple windows

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You can open up to 16 viewer windows. These windows can be placed on the same or different monitors.


To show a new empty window, press  Ctrl + N  or click  New window  in the pop-up menu under the folder icon. Double clicking the RadiAnt icon on the Desktop is another way to open a new window.




Use the duplicate window feature to open a new window with the series displayed in the active window. Click  Duplicate window  or use the shortcut  Ctrl + Shift + N .




When the series from the same study are opened in two different windows, they are auto-synchronized; also, the cross-reference lines are displayed, if applicable. Finally, a fusion of images is possible too. This can be helpful when browsing series of the same study in a multi-monitor setting.


PET-CT fusion displayed on two monitors

PET-CT fusion displayed on two monitors


Press  Alt + F4  to close the active window. To exit the application when multiple viewer windows are opened, press  Ctrl + Alt + F4  or click  Exit  in the pop-up menu under the folder toolbar icon. You can also press  Ctrl  while clicking the close button in one of the viewer windows.