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RadiAnt DICOM Viewer

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Multiple series viewing

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Multiple series of either one or several studies can be concurrently opened in multiple panels for comparison purposes.


Click the  Split screen  button:




Move the cursor over the "cells" symbolizing the image panels:




Click again to select the splitting template (a maximum of five columns and four rows of panels can be selected).


Using the left mouse button, drag and drop thumbnails from the series preview bar into the panels to load the chosen series.





Another way of opening a series in new panel is to click its thumbnail while pressing the  Ctrl  key.

All panels will be automatically repositioned and new series will be loaded in the last panel.



Maximizing/restoring/closing panel


A panel can be quickly maximized by double-clicking the image it contains, or by pressing the  Maximize  button on the title bar of the panel or using  Ctrl + M  .




Press the  Restore  button, double-click the image it contains, or press  Ctrl + M  to restore the panel to its normal size and view all panels again.




Use the  Tab  key to switch between opened panels in maximized mode.


Click the  Close  button on the panel's title bar to close it or use  Ctrl + F4  .

If you hold the  Ctrl  key and click the  Close  button the panel will be cleared instead of being closed.




To close all visible panels, use  Shift + F4  .


The above actions are also available in the  Window  drop-down menu.





To quickly open multiple series


To speed up the process of opening more than one series at the same time, click the  Open multiple series  menu item or press the  F4  key.




A window with the list of loaded series will appear.




Hold the  Ctrl  key and select series to opening by clicking them with left mouse button. Click  OK  to open the chosen series in multiple panels. All previously opened panels will close automatically.


To quickly filter the series list, start typing in the text field located in the lower-left corner of the window.




Press  Enter  to load the first of the displayed filtered series.