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Changing the mask image

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By default, the second image from the fluoroscopy series is used as a mask. However, the best results can usually be obtained when a frame preceding the first image with the contrast media appearance is selected as a mask.

To change the mask to the currently displayed image, click on the Radiant-Dicom-Viewer-DSA-Set-Current-Mask-Button button or use the  Shift + /  shortcut.

Scroll through the series to see the changes in the DSA presentation.


The index of the selected mask is displayed in the bottom-left corner: Radiant-Dicom-Viewer-DSA-Mask-Index


To reset the mask image to the default, click on the Radiant-Dicom-Viewer-DSA-Reset-Mask-Button button or press the  Ctrl + Shift + /  keys. This action will also revert any pixel-shift that has been applied to the mask.