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Database window configuration

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Database Views


The default local archive view ("Series") shows the list of studies and below that the list of series in a selected study.
The "Studies" view shows only the list of studies and, the "Images" view shows the list of studies, list of series in a selected study, and list of images in a selected series.


You can change the default view by clicking  Advanced -> View  in the menu under the Database button in the local archive window and selecting  Studies ,  Series  or  Images .




To quickly cycle views, use the  F2  shortcut.



Series View (default)



Studies View



Images View


Column Configuration


Columns in the list of studies can be set as per your preferences.


To change the order in which the columns appear, drag their headers to the desired location:




To change the width of the columns, drag the dividers between the column headers:




To hide or show specific columns, right-click on the column header and select the desired column to toggle its visibility.



To revert to the factory settings, click  Restore default columns .