PACS integration

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PACS integration


RadiAnt DICOM Viewer can be integrated with other systems via command line arguments or radiant:// URL protocol. You can launch the viewer, start downloading specific DICOM studies and display them using simple commands or by clicking specially crafted radiant:// links in web browsers.


Use the argument "-pstv" followed by one or more pairs of tag ID/value:


radiantviewer.exe -pstv 00080050 "1412-14-ACCESSION-NUMBER"




1. To download a specific study (StudyUID needs to be passed)


radiantviewer.exe -pstv 0020000D ""




2. To download a specific series (StudyUID and SeriesUID need to be passed)


radiantviewer.exe -pstv 0020000D "" 0020000E ""




3. To download a specific image (StudyUID, SeriesUID and SOPInstanceUID need to be passed)


radiantviewer.exe -pstv 0020000D "" 0020000E "" 00080018 ""




By default, all PACS nodes configured in RadiAnt are searched. You can define only one PACS node by using "-paet" and its AE title:


radiantviewer.exe -paet MYPACSAETITLE -pstv 00100020 "23874623-PATIENTID"




Downloading multiple studies/series/images


Multiple studies/series/images can be downloaded using only one command by passing several -pstv arguments.


1. Two studies


radiantviewer.exe -pstv 0020000D "STUDYUID1" -pstv 0020000D "STUDYUID2"




2. Two series of the same study


radiantviewer.exe -pstv 0020000D "STUDYUID1" -pstv 0020000E "SERIESUID1" -pstv 0020000E "SERIESUID2"




3. Different series from two different studies


radiantviewer.exe -pstv 0020000D "STUDYUID1" -pstv 0020000E "SERIESUID1" -pstv 0020000E "SERIESUID2" -pstv 0020000D "STUDYUID2" -pstv 0020000E "SERIESUID3" -pstv 0020000E "SERIESUID4"




4. Several images from different series of the same study


radiantviewer.exe -pstv 0020000D "STUDYUID1" -pstv 0020000E "SERIESUID1" -pstv 00080018 "INSTANCEUID1" -pstv 00080018 "INSTANCEUID2" -pstv 0020000E "SERIESUID2" -pstv 00080018 "INSTANCEUID3" -pstv 00080018 "INSTANCEUID4"