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3D snapshots

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3D snapshots allow for saving the current state of the 3D VR (Volume Rendering) viewer and a quick restore. The following image settings are stored in a 3D snapshot: position and rotation of the object, zoom factor, scalpel actions, 3D preset (color look-up table), and the range of displayed values (window settings).

These can also be used to create scenarios for advanced VR movies.




To store a 3D snapshot, press  K  or select  Take snapshot  from the drop-down menu.




To quickly restore and switch between snapshots, press  ]  /  [  or select  Next  /  Previous  from the drop-down menu.


To show the list of stored 3D snapshots, click the  3D snapshots  toolbar button or use the  F3  shortcut.




3D snapshots are stored in memory and cleared as soon as the VR window is closed. To store them permanently in a file, select  Save  or press  Shift + F3 . Then select the snapshots file location and press  Save .




Next time you want to restore the saved snapshots, press  Ctrl + F3  or select  Load  from the 3D snapshots menu. Then browse to the file and click  Open .




You can also drag and drop the saved snapshot file onto the VR window.