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RadiAnt DICOM Viewer

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Changing color and opacity

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Click the  Adjust window  button on the toolbar (or press the  W  key).




Next, press the left mouse button over the image and drag the mouse to change the range of displayed voxel values.


Up to display voxels with higher density/intensity values

Down to display voxels with lower density/intensity values


Left to shrink the range of displayed voxel values

Right to expand the range of displayed voxel values




By default, the windowing tool is associated with the middle mouse button.

Press the  Ctrl  key and drag the mouse with the left button down, and the windowing tool will be active regardless of current association.


On multi-touch devices, touch the image with three fingers and drag them in the directions described above to adjust window level and width.


Click  Default window  or press  0  to set default window for the current volume.






Shading allows you to visualize volume with a better perception of 3D space.




To toggle shading click  Shading  or press  Ctrl + S .