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RadiAnt DICOM Viewer

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Custom window

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Press the  Ctrl + F11  keys or click on the  Custom window  menu item to precisely adjust the WW/WL settings.




Enter the desired WL and WW values and click on the  OK  button.




You can also switch to Minimum and Maximum values:




For PET studies in which the SUVbw calculation is possible, the maximum SUBbw value can be set:





Custom window presets


You can save and quickly restore your custom window settings using the pop-up menu or keyboard shortcuts.


Open the custom window dialog and click on the  Presets  button to display the additional options.




Enter the desired WL and WW values and the name of the presets, and choose the optional keyboard shortcut.




Click on the  Add  button to save the preset.


From now on, whenever you want to apply this preset, you can either choose it from the  Adjust image window  menu or use the optional keyboard shortcut.




To delete the custom window preset, select the name of the preset from the list,




and click on the  Delete  button.