Removing unwanted structures

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Removing unwanted structures


Click the  Scalpel  button on the toolbar (or press the  S  key).




Next, press the left mouse button over the image and draw the area.




Press  Del  or click the  Cut inside  button to delete structures inside the area.

Press  Enter  or click the  Cut outside  button to delete structures outside the area.

Press  Esc  or click the  Clear area  button to clear the area.


Rotate the volume and make additional cuts to remove all unwanted structures from the image.








Press the  Alt  key and drag the mouse with the left button down, and the scalpel tool will be active regardless of current association.


On multi-touch devices, a pen is associated with the scalpel tool by default.


Click  Restore volume  or press  Ctrl + Alt + 0  to cancel all scalpel actions.




To revert all changes made while exploring the volume (position, zoom, window, scalpel actions)  click the  Reset scene  button on the toolbar, or use the  Ctrl + R  shortcut.