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Send to PACS

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Note: this feature requires the DCMTK add-on package. When you first try to use it, you will be asked to download the required extension.

You need to have at least one PACS host configured. This extension is supported only in versions 2021.1 and newer.


You can send images to PACS either from the main viewer window or from your local database.


To send images from the viewer, click the arrow next to the  Export  button, select  Send to PACS . You can send  All opened studies , the  Current study  or only the  Current series . Select the respective option, and finally, choose the destination PACS node.




To send studies from your local archive, select the study (or multiple studies), right-click to show the context menu, select  Send to PACS  and the destination PACS node.




The sending process will start.




If there are any errors encountered during the procedure, the message will be displayed below the progress bar.