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Split mask mode

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The split mask mode allows you to apply different pixel shifts for the left and right parts of the image. This can be helpful with lower-limb fluoroscopy image in which the limbs move in different directions, and there is no means of correcting the mask with a single, global shift.



Uncorrected mask


Mask corrected for the right limb


Mask corrected for the left limb


To enable the split mask mode, select the Radiant-Dicom-Viewer-DSA-Split-Mask-Button button or use the  Ctrl + Alt + /  shortcut.


You can subsequently correct the masks on both sides of the image using the manual or automatic pixel-shift tools.




The offset from the original mask position (in pixels) for each side of the image will be displayed in the bottom-left corner of the image: Radiant-Dicom-Viewer-DSA-Split-Mask-Pixel-Shifts