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Dentist need help for dental implant

Add curved MPR view to stimulate our OPG x-ray.
Adjustable point to plot Curved MPR with thickness control
Cylinder shape rod to stimulate implant and can be pasted
All dentist will like the above function

Jun 15, 2013 03:15 AM
by Dr. Wong Cheung-wah
Dear Dr. Wong Cheung-wah,

We have curved MPR in our to-do list.
As for implant simulations, we haven't thought about it so far.
But thank you for the suggestions. We will consider them.

Kind regards,

Jun 16, 2013 10:57 PM
by RadiAnt
4 years have passed and radiant don't have simulation of OPG(((

Aug 16, 2017 09:34 PM
by Dr. Andreev
Dr. Andreev, we are sorry that you are disappointed. However, please understand that being a small company we rather move at a steady slow pace. We try to prioritize features that most of our users will benefit from.

Aug 23, 2017 03:16 PM
by RadiAnt
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