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Limit the number of decimals in DICOM tag values

DICOM tags values written into the DICOM header sometimes include lots of decimals, thus creating a long string of text overlay information. This concerns details such as slice positions, echo and repetition times or also dose information.

By default, the application always displays the values of the defined DICOM attributes as they are written in the DICOM header, unless you use RadiAnt special tags that overcome this issue.

anyway if you wanna still use pure DICOM tags you can find yourself in the unconfortable situation of displaying a TR of 88.11243435465

I'd like RadiAnt would allow to limit decimals to a user predefined value.

I reported the same issue years ago to the iQ-VIEW developers and I'm happy to see that they finally fixed it in the latest 3.0 release.

they resolved the "bug" allowing the user to put an additional parameter in the overlay file.

their solution was the following:
let's make an example.... take this default tag:
LeftBottomLabel2=TR: [0018,0080];
it displays a value of --> TR: 88.11243435465

now edit the code line adding the " $DECIMAL(n) " parameter after the tag

LeftBottomLabel2=TR: [0018,0080]$DECIMAL(1);
it displays a value of --> TR: 88.1

LeftBottomLabel2=TR: [0018,0080]$DECIMAL(2);
it displays a value of --> TR: 88.11

LeftBottomLabel2=TR: [0018,0080]$DECIMAL(3);
it displays a value of --> TR: 88.112

etc. etc.

I know RadiAnt overlay sintax is different but I think that a similar system has to be adopted.

I suggest adding a new <i> attribute... actually we have "r" (row index), "a" (hide when anonymized), "c" (font color) and "d" (hide when missing")

what about implementing "e" (or any letter of your choice since "d" in already in use) for decimals with allowed values ranging from 0 to 9 (in most of the cases I think 1, 2 or 3 are enough)

you could also think about other <i> attributes like "bold font" that could be labeled as "b"

Jan 5, 2017 05:06 PM
by Tommy
These are some interesting suggestions. We'll certainly consider them.

Jan 8, 2017 02:00 PM
by RadiAnt
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