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New and updated translations

We have RadiAnt translated into Slovak - by Peter Stolárik.
Nivaldo Bueno completed Brazilian Portuguese and Валерий Крувялис - Russian translations.
Thank you all!

All translations available for download on refreshed http://www.radiantviewer.com/translation.php

May 18, 2011 07:32 PM
by RadiAnt
I try to upload a new Greek language file via the translation tool, but there is no result.
My step: I select "I have a language XML", press "Edit language XML file", check the box to share, enter my name and mail and select "Generate language XML file".
No result.

Oct 1, 2016 07:03 PM
by geogeo
It usually takes us some time to review and upload submitted translations.
Your translation is now available for download. Thank you!

Oct 3, 2016 10:06 PM
by RadiAnt
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