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overlay.xml syntax is hard

just think about making the .xml file easier to edit....

an example of easy to understand and edit scheme comes from iQ-VIEW.
check this one which is about MR images.


SOPClassUID=1.2.840.10008.; //MR Image Storage

LeftTopLabel1= [0010,0010]; // Patient Name
LeftTopLabel2= [0010,0030]; // Date Of Birth
LeftTopLabel3= [0010,0040] [0010,1010]; // Patient Sex // Patient Age
LeftTopLabel4= [];

RightTopLabel1= [0008,0060] - [0018,0087] T; // Modality // Magnetic Field Strenght
RightTopLabel2= [0008,0020]; // Study Date
RightTopLabel3= [0008,0031]; // Series Time
RightTopLabel4= [];

MiddleTopLabel= [];

LeftBottomLabel1= ST: [0018,0050]mm POS: [0020,1041]mm; // Slice Thickness // Slice Location
LeftBottomLabel2= TR: [0018,0080] TE: [0018,0081]; // TR // TE
LeftBottomLabel3= [0008,103E]; // Series Description

RightBottomLabel1= SE: [0020,0011] IMA: [0020,0013]; // Series Number and Image Number
RightBottomLabel2= [0018,0015]; //BodyPartExhamined
RightBottomLabel3= [];
RightBottomLabel4= [];

MiddleBottomLabel1=[0020,4000]; // Image Comments es. DS


you just have to add the DICOM tag code (i.e. [0018,0015] ) and plain custom text if desired...

in my example, to obtain "ST: 5mm" in the first left bottom label of iQ-VIEW, you just have to type:

LeftBottomLabel1= ST: [0018,0050]mm

to obtain the same thing in RadiAnt you have to type:

<i r="0"><e k="2" t="ST: "/><e k="1" i="00180050"/><e k="2" t="mm"/></i>

as you may see the syntax is more complicate and cumbersome.
any chance this can be made simpler?

Jan 5, 2017 02:39 PM
by Tommy
The ultimate goal is to implement some kind of a visual editor to make it really easy to edit the annotation templates.

Jan 8, 2017 12:59 PM
by RadiAnt
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