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Common questions
Why can't I deactivate my RadiAnt installation (getting error codes 504 or 506)?
Deactivation is intended for situations in which you no longer plan to use RadiAnt DICOM Viewer on your "old" computer.

It is not designed for transferring the paid license back and forth between two computers that are in active use. As such, the software can only be deactivated on the same computer twice.
When this limit is reached, you will not be able to deactivate the license (error 504).

A single license can be deactivated only once in 90 days.
A license key valid for N licenses can be deactivated N times during a 90-day period.
If this limit is exhausted, error 506 will be reported with the number of days you need to wait before another deactivation is possible.

In case of a deactivation error you can always contact us and our support team will analyze your request and deactivate your license on our end after positive verification.