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Compatibility with Epson Discproducer PP-100

Apr 24, 2020 06:07 AM
by Adam
Hello,can i burn cd from RadiAnt using Epson Discproducer PP-100?
Apr 24, 2020 09:16 AM
by RadiAnt
No, RadiAnt cannot send commands to any disc producers.
You have to use your own software to burn CDs with RadiAnt DICOM Viewer CD/DVD included.
Apr 24, 2020 05:45 PM
by Tommy
I have that Epson CD robot and I bought a RadiAnt CD/DVD burning license; perfect match!!!
Aug 1, 2020 06:59 PM
by noplan

we are currently looking for a different solution to publish our DICOM CD/DVDs.
Can someone in short explain how radiant can be used with a Epson PP-100/N - how does the Epson accept DICOM transfers and create the DICOMDIR, how does it include Radiant?
Aug 2, 2020 05:51 PM
by boskar
As far as I know the infrastructure neighter of those software does what You expect.
1. PP-100N is not a DICOM device (although I haven't actually used one). The only DICOM capable disk producer I've seen are codonics devices.
2. You must support either iso with the entire disk content to the PP-100N or the entire directory tree, including both DICOM data, DICOMDIR index file, and optionally a viewer (like the CD version of Radiant).
3. Radiant currently does not support media creation nor DICOM sending.

As far as I know You need to prepare DICOM folders and files, DICOMDIR, on Your own, then add a Radiant template to the prepared directory, make an ISO or transfer the entire tree to the solution like TD Bridge.

All those things are usually done by some kind of RIS/PACS.
Aug 4, 2020 11:39 AM
by Tommy
I use an Epson PP-100II and is a great CD-robot producer

I burn DICOM images with an embedded RadiAnt CD-viewer (I've purchased the proper licence) but I had to buy another software to handle the DICOM trasfer and then "assemble" the CD content that the robot will burn
Sep 13, 2021 10:34 AM
by Taher J
Can you advice the proper license of DICOM to operate Epson PP100III
Sep 14, 2021 04:06 AM
by bnoeafk
@Taher J,
There is no "proper license of DICOM" in order to operate the Epson PP100.

1. You can obtain DCMTK from (open source) which you can utilize in order to search and retrieve images from a remote DICOM node.
2. You can obtain from Medixant, a license for RadiAnt CD/DVD/USB
3. You can then create a DICOMDIR file from DCMTK based upon the images you pulled from the DICOM node
4. Use open source tools to create an ISO image (containing the DICOM files, the DICOMDIR file and the files from the RadiAnt CD/DVD/USB viewer)
5. Use TDBridge (which comes with the Epson PP100) to then burn the ISO image to the optical media in your PP100.

Hope this helps.

Sep 20, 2021 07:03 PM
by RadiAnt
Thank you BNOEAFK! There is really nothing more to add.
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