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RadiAnt DICOM Viewer 2020.1
by RadiAnt on April 6, 2020
Blog image - RadiAnt DICOM Viewer 2020.1
RadiAnt DICOM Viewer 2020.1 is now available for download.

We added three new ROIs in this version: closed polygon, open polygon and arrow. 3D MPR view was improved by adding ROIs previously available only in the 2D mode (ellipse, angle). SUVbw measurements are now available without the requirement to enable fusion mode. A dedicated 64-bit ARM version for the new generation of Windows 10 on ARM devices (e.g., Surface Pro X) is included in the installer. These are a few highlights, for the complete list of changes check the download page.

Take care and stay strong and healthy in these trying times!
RadiAnt DICOM Viewer 2020.0 BETA
by RadiAnt on December 2, 2019
Blog image - RadiAnt DICOM Viewer 2020.0 BETA
Our latest beta version is mostly about the ARM64 native version for the newest generation of Windows 10 on ARM devices (e.g., Microsoft Surface Pro X, Samsung Galaxy Book S).

Check this thread for more details.
New prices take effect January 1, 2020
by RadiAnt on December 1, 2019
Now is the perfect time to purchase: The price of RadiAnt DICOM Viewer will be going up for new licenses and maintenance renewals on January 1, 2020.
RadiAnt DICOM Viewer 5.5.0
by RadiAnt on November 19, 2019
Blog image - RadiAnt DICOM Viewer 5.5.0
Our latest version has significant improvements in the 3D volume rendering feature.

Progressive rendering is now available for GPU accelerated mode, which makes interactions on slower Nvidia GPUs more fluid. 3D snapshots let you save the states of the VR view (rotation / position / zoom / window / scalpel / etc.) and quickly restore these states. You can now create high quality (up to 4K, 60fps) movies based on the 3D snapshots. There is also a quick movie tool for creating videos with a simple 360/180 degree rotation. Scalpel operations can be reverted and reapplied if necessary - there is an unlimited undo history for the VR's scalpel tool. Last but not least, the 2D viewer has now image filters (sharpen, smooth, edge, emboss). Plus a usual collection of minor improvents an bug fixes.

Check the full changelog and download here.
How to create a DICOM CD with RadiAnt DICOM Viewer CD/DVD
by RadiAnt on October 29, 2019
Blog image - How to create a DICOM CD with RadiAnt DICOM Viewer CD/DVD
In our latest video tutorial we show how to create a DICOM CD disc with our RadiAnt serving as the autorun viewer. A PC with Windows 10 system and the DVD-RW drive installed was used in the presentation.

You can also use professional CD/DVD disc publishers (e.g., Epson, Primera, Rimage) but you still might want to check the tutorial to make sure that the file and folder structure of your recorded disc is correct.
RadiAnt DICOM Viewer on macOS Catalina
by RadiAnt on October 26, 2019
Blog image - RadiAnt DICOM Viewer on macOS Catalina
We have created a new video tutorial showing how to install RadiAnt on Mac computers with the latest macOS 10.15 update (Catalina). Apple dropped support for 32-bit applications in their latest system, so we had to prepare a special 64-bit installation package for macOS. Check the video for more details:

Disclaimer: RadiAnt DICOM Viewer is built and tested specifically for Windows platform. We do not officially support RadiAnt on platforms other than Windows. RadiAnt can technically run on macOS systems using the open-source Wine software, however, some features may not be available or may cause program crashes.