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RadiAnt DICOM Viewer 2020.1.1
built on April 29, 2020
New features:
  • Closed polygon tool - area, perimeter (2D, 3D MPR).
  • Open polygon tool - length (2D, 3D MPR).
  • Arrow tool (2D, 3D MPR, 3D VR).
  • Ellipse tool - area, min, max, avg (3D MPR).
  • Angle measurement tool (3D MPR).
  • Native 64-bit ARM version for Windows 10 on ARM platform (e.g., Microsoft Surface Pro X, Samsung Galaxy Book S, Lenovo Yoga 5G).

Improvements and bug fixes:
  • SUVbw measurements in 2D and 3D MPR viewers (no fusion required).
  • Stored last export settings.
  • Added option to show destination folder in Explorer after export.
  • Added option to import studies opened directly in the viewer to database.
  • Added option to export specific image series from the local database.
  • Added option to delete specific image series in the local database.
  • Added info about the displayed image series to the title bar text.
  • Added option to drop the 3D snapshots file onto the VR window to load it.
  • Added Ctrl+F1 shortcut to show the About box.
  • Improved rendering of structured reporting (SR) documents in the viewport - page breaks for longer content, XML/HTML tag stripping.
  • Custom character encoding can be set for SR documents in options.xml.
  • Changed version numbering scheme (YYYY.X.Z - YYYY: year of the public release, X: feature release number, Z: bugfix release number).
  • Added support for TIC generation for MR studies with multi-frame DICOM files.
  • Fixed PACS search presets button for Wine-based installations.
  • Fixed occasional crash during VR movie export.
  • Updated DICOM dictionary to 2020a.
  • New mouse button indicators (back and forward buttons added).
  • ESC deletes the unfinished measurement.

RadiAnt DICOM Viewer - Universal Installer (32 and 64-bit)

Most users will likely want to download this version. It is suitable for installation on a PC computer with a Windows system. 32-bit or 64-bit viewer is installed depending on operating system version.
Windows XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are supported.
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