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customize "Export Images" default settings

Jul 30, 2017 02:33 PM
by Tommy
actually the default settings are:

Export -> Current image
File Format -> JPEG

I wonder if it's possible to tweak that setting and change it to the user favourite combination.

In my workflow, I'd like to have a different default setting such as:

Export -> All opened series
File Format -> DICOM

please, tell me if this is something I could achieve modyfying some of the .xml configuration files or if it's another "to do list" item. :-)

Aug 6, 2017 07:23 PM
by RadiAnt
Tommy, currently it's not possible to set your own export params. So I guess it's another to-do item ;-)
Nov 2, 2017 10:06 AM
by Remo

It would be nice to configure also the export location options (folder and filename prefix). Especially network paths should be supported too. Will this feature be implemented? If yes, when can it be expected to be ready? ;-)

Thanks and regards!
Nov 3, 2017 01:26 PM
by RadiAnt
Remo, we will check the network paths issue.
Nov 16, 2018 03:09 PM
by Tommy
the last used setting (type of export, format type, location of the export folder) is remembered in the current RadiAnt session but restores to default once you close the application

a specific "0" or "1" tweak in the settings.xml would be a bless
Nov 25, 2018 02:58 PM
by RadiAnt
We will probably add this in one of the next beta versions.
Jan 18, 2020 05:16 AM
by Tommy
*** ping ***
please give us an update about the latest request. is it already possibile with newest versions?

I've also another tweak request... it would be great if RadiAnt would open the destination folder just after the export is complete.

in my workflow I do the export to a specific folder in my PC, then I open the Windows file manager to reach that folder.

if RadiAnt could automatically load that folder in the file manager once the export is complete it would be a time saver
Jan 27, 2020 11:47 PM
by RadiAnt
We'll try to sneak these into the next beta.
Feb 12, 2020 06:15 PM
by Tommy
thanks 4 the fix.

this and other tweaks you did, improve the workflow of users.

all those small little things , make a software great in the end
Mar 4, 2020 09:04 AM
by RadiAnt
Thanks, Tommy. We appreciate all the comments and feature requests that in some way drive our viewer in the right direction.
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