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DICOMDIR and slow loading

Jul 9, 2013 08:27 PM
by Jessy
Does your viewer support the standard DICOMDIR. Your CD/DVD viewer scans all the files on a CD and does not read from the DICOMDIR?

And is there a way to load the Viewer from the ROOT. Not from within a folder "Radiant" or "Radiant64" but from CD root direct?

Jul 10, 2013 06:08 PM
by RadiAnt

RadiAnt doesn't support DICOMDIRs (we may add this functionality in the future). It scans the entire parent folder for DICOM files (which is the entire CD/DVD disk). It has to be placed in those two folders because there are two different versions (32 and 64 bit) with the same file names.

Could you elaborate on the "slow loading"? Most of our users claim the opposite, that it's the fastest DICOM viewer they've ever used...

Jul 11, 2013 07:47 AM
by Jessy
DICOMDIR is a standard and a requirement now for CD/DVD Distribution.

Slow loading because you load each files in a recursion to rebuild the Series. So in terms of loading the basic Information such as Series Information and # of images in each series. Your Viewer takes a lot more time to identify all this information than other Viewer (such as eFilm Lite) that reads this from the DICOMDIR. I have not compared the speed of actually loading Image Pixel data. But that would be Equal or better.

Difference being that if I read DICOMDIR, I can quickly identify all the Studies/Series and Images that are contained on the CD before even actually loading all the Pixel data into the Viewer

And for the Question about being able to load the viewer from the root. Is if I just want to include the 32bit viewer and not the 64bit and want to place the Viewer files in the ROOT. The Viewer then does not work. I mean it does not read files from the CD. It seems like it has to be in a folder under the Root else it will not read the DICOM files from the CD.

Jul 11, 2013 09:47 PM
by aa
For loading the information about images and the structure of the exam, DICOMDIR makes things faster. Not for the pixel data, so you still have to wait, and for the pixel data, the loading performance of Radiant is great.

But if the files are in one folder (often the case), Radiant loses the ability to offer a fast overview of what is contained on the CD and more importantly, to load preferentially the series the user wants to view first. This is the only glitch.

I never used Radiant on a CD. I used the installable version to view CDs I got from other hospitals, because the viewers included on the CDs are usually crap (and even slower, because they run from a CD). Normally I inserted the CD, cancelled the autoexecution of the other viewer, ran Radiant and pressed the CD icon. Easy: click - ready, the viewer loaded the images very fast and I could view them. The other viewers usually offer you a series list and so on and it takes HOURS before you even get to viewing the images.

Now I mainly use Radiant to view collections of my (research purpose) exams, or to copy the series I need to a separate folder. It is fast as lightning (cannot compare for instance with syngo "fast"View). I might say that Radiant fully replaced the other viewers I was using (mainly DicomWorks, but also K-PACS). It is much better.
Jul 12, 2013 02:48 PM
by RadiAnt
aa, thanks for providing a thorough analysis!
You brought up a case where all images are placed in the same folder. This is the only situation where DICOMDIR reading could speed things up. If the series are placed in separate folders, the need for DICOMDIR handling remains questionable.
Nevertheless I promise that we will take care of this and implement optional reading of the DICOMDIR file.

Aug 28, 2013 07:02 PM
by Guest
Hello, I just downloaded the viewer unfortunately it keeps asking me to view it under USB or CD/DVD when I chose the latter it started to format my disc. Now I am wondering if it has deleted the CT images on the DVD.
Please help. I am new at this and I want it to work. Not getting technical in any way.
Aug 28, 2013 09:11 PM
by RadiAnt

RadiAnt does not format discs or deletes any files.
Did you download the installer from our website?
You can use this link:
Keep in mind that RadiAnt runs only on Windows systems (XP or later).

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