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How to display accession number ?

Jul 19, 2022 05:01 PM
by dans
I'm trying to modify the file : overlay.xml to show the accesion number on right upper corner on row 10
I stuck here and I try to add last line:
<i r="0" a="1" s="4"/>
<i r="1" a="1"><e k="1" i="00100020"/></i>
<i r="2" a="1" s="5"/>
<i r="3" a="1"><e k="1" i="00080080"/></i>
<i r="4"><e k="1" i="00200010"/></i>
<i r="5"><e k="1" i="00081030"/></i>
<i r="6"><e k="1" i="0008103E"/></i>
<i r="7"><e k="1" i="00204000"/></i>
<i r="8"><e k="1" i="00324000"/></i>
<i r="9" s="6" c="1"/>
<i r="10" a="1" s="????"/>
but what I must write instead ????

Jul 19, 2022 05:30 PM
by dans
or maybe:

<i r="10" a="1"><e k="1" i="XXXXXXXX"/></i>

where "XXXXXXXX" is DICOM tag ID, but where I can find info about this structure?
Jul 19, 2022 05:36 PM
by dans
I found it:
<i r="10" a="1"><e k="1" i="00080050"/></i>

Information about DICOM tag ID:
Jul 25, 2022 07:24 AM
by ep
XXXXXXXX would be 00080050 in your case.

You can see DICOM tags via [Show DICOM tags] option from the Drop-Down menu next to Toggle Annotations (aka a small triangle next ot big "A" icon. or use Ctrl-Alt-T )

There you can search for Accesion Number and see a line like this:

(0008,0050) SH 167934 # 1, 6 Accession Number

and from here the (0008,0050) DICOM tag ID is transformed into simply 00080050
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