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Open Studies using CD/DVD Viewer

May 14, 2017 05:58 PM
by HM

I am new to Radiant DICOM Viewer. I found it impressive. I am facing a problem. I downloaded your CD/DVD DICOM Viewer and extract it in a folder. When i try to open a study that is placed in some other folder or over the network it failed to open. I am using the following command line :

D:\RA64\viewer.exe -d F:\Images\123\

But if i copy the folder 123 in the RA64 folder it open the images.

Secondly when the images are opened it gives a TRIAL VERSION message even on CD/DVD distribution.

Please guide.

May 15, 2017 05:35 AM
by HM
I also tried with the Radiant DICOM Viewer. But i failed to open any images. I get the message that says " NO DICOM IMAGES FOUND: WOULD YOU LIKE TO SCAN ANOTHER FOLDER".

My setup details are as follow:: i had installed Radiant DICOM Viewer in C:\Program Files\ and DICOM images are in my D drive.

i uses the following command line to open viewer with images loaded in them automatically.

C:\Program Files\RadiAntViewer64bit\RadiAntViewer.exe -d D:\Images\Modality\Date\MR No. (Patient Name)\Series Description\Images

Please guide.
May 18, 2017 07:20 AM
by RadiAnt
RadiAnt DICOM Viewer CD/DVD is only meant for opening files from the CD media the viewer resides on.
You can open a specific folder with the installable version - RadiAnt DICOM Viewer CD/DVD.
Remember to use quotation marks to enclose paths containing spaces:

C:\Program Files\RadiAntViewer64bit\RadiAntViewer.exe -d "D:\Images\Modality\Date\MR No. (Patient Name)\Series Description\Images"
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