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Is there a way to set the standard date for PACS patient list downloading to the current day? I have to choose each time...

Jun 23, 2017 05:12 PM
by Carlo Veltri
months ago I requested to implement "custom PACS query presets or bookmarks"
check that thread.

Jun 24, 2017 06:56 AM
by Tommy
Currently there's no way to set your own search params. Perhaps the current date would server better as the default preset. We will consider this.

Jul 3, 2017 03:34 PM
by RadiAnt

Jul 11, 2017 05:07 PM
by Carlo
New version but no changes... :-(
Can I hope for a future implementation of this feature?

Oct 22, 2017 09:17 AM
by Carlo
Anyway, it's the best free dicom viewer you can find!

Oct 22, 2017 02:52 PM
by Carlo
Carlo, PACS search presets will probably be implemented before the magnifier tool that you also requested. Still, we ask you for some patience :-)

Oct 25, 2017 07:23 AM
by RadiAnt
Thanks for the reply. My requests are aimed at improving this fantastic software!!!

Oct 25, 2017 09:09 PM
by Carlo
Last used date settings is now remembered after RadiAnt is closed - in RadiAnt DICOM Viewer 4.1.16 Beta.

Nov 3, 2017 01:23 PM
by RadiAnt

Nov 5, 2017 12:06 AM
by Carlo
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