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PACS query: change results format from SURNAME NAME to SURNAME^NAME

Dec 19, 2015 05:48 AM
by Tommy
Hi, currently there's an inconsistency in the format of the patient's name in the PACS query window, since the search field and the results table follow different formats.

in the results table there's no visible separator between surname and name of the patient:

but in the search field a separator is required to do a proper search:

this inconsistency can be misleading for the user, since if he types SMITH JOHN in the search field it won't get any result.... he has to type exactly SMITH^JOHN to get the correct results.

so my suggestion is just to show the separator in the results table so user will understand that the "^" key is required to do proper queries.

Dec 21, 2015 10:32 AM
by RadiAnt
Tommy, the use of the ^ separator between patient's last and first name gives different results depending on the PACS server implementation. Sometimes you get results with "^", sometimes with the space, and sometimes with both of them. The visual presentation of names is much more pleasant with a space between names and we will stick to this for now. We have some workaround in mind, however, that would make searches for last and first names work on all kind of servers.
Dec 27, 2015 10:27 AM
by Tommy
the problem is when you deal with people with double names or surnames

not every patient has a simple name as SMITH^JOHN and a query is not always straightforward

you can have people like:
etc etc

so the user has to know that a "separator" in the right place has to be put for a proper query

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