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partial matches in PatientID query


when I use Radiant (3.4.1) to query my PACS system by "PatientID" I get partial matches. (Querying for PatientID "123" returns patients with PatientID "123", but also "1234", "5123" and even "61237")

I only ever want exact matches on that field. Is there a way to configure radiant to not send wildcard queries, but to only return exact matches? Or is this an issue with the PACS system I am using?

Thank You,
Levin Alexander

Nov 25, 2016 05:28 PM
by lxa

Currently you can't enable exact matches in the PACS search (wildcard is always used). This will be configurable in the future.


Nov 28, 2016 09:26 AM
by RadiAnt
Glad to hear that, thank you.

For now, I'll probably work around this by ensuring PatientIDs in my system are zero-padded to a fixed length.

Thank you again,
Levin Alexander

Nov 28, 2016 08:57 PM
by lxa
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