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Problem with configuration

I downloaded Radiant software version newest. I am using DICOM Efilm 4.2. My computer is connected with static IP system - LAN connection and connect with CT machine by static IP. I succeed transfer imagine from CT machine to efilm workstation but don't know how to view images on radiant.

Although I have read the configuration guide on the home page. So I would like to detail how to configure efilm to radiant. Currently configured CT and efilm are: IP Port 4006 / AE title PHONG-CT
Thanks very much!

Mar 23, 2018 03:58 PM
by drxuanphong
tốt nhất anh sử dụng radiant dicom viewer làm chức năng viewer cho PACS hoặc dùng để xem và sử lý hình ảnh từ các máy chụp (modality).

Mar 24, 2018 08:58 AM
by Guest
Your CT scanner has to be also configured with RadiAnt's parameters (IP, port, AE title).
Please check our troubleshooting guide:

Mar 28, 2018 05:28 PM
by RadiAnt
Bạn cần vào efilm cấu hình thêm Client là con Radiant. Khi đó Efilm đóng vai trò PACS Server và Radiant sẽ là Client là sẽ chạy

Apr 4, 2018 08:06 AM
by Cường.ĐV
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