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RadiAnt fails to visualize some Siemens Breast MRI images [UPDATE: fixed in 0.45]

Jun 5, 2011 06:57 AM
by Tommy
Dear RadiAnt developers,
I've found a serious bug regarding visualization of breast MRI studies.

RadiAnt fails to display the contrast enhancement graphs from a dynamic breast study.

The study was performed on a Siemens Magnetom Essenza 1.5T scanner, the images and the graphs were obtained with Siemens Mean Curve software which saves some screen captures of breast with ROI and the enhancement curve as a graph.

The final images are saved as DICOM.
While other free DICOM viewers (like K-PACS ) have no troubles visualizing those images, RadiAnt has the following issues:

1- the graph is not visible at all... I see only a black square and there's no way to see the lines and number... (I tried windowing the image without effect)

2- ROI and numbers on the screen captures of the breast lesion are not displayed...
you see the image of the breast but graphic elements of ROI and numbers are not visible

I don't know what causes incompatibility between the DICOM format of Siemens and RadiAnt.

I have uploaded here an anonymized version of those images so you can test it and figure out what's wrong. You can download them from here:

scroll down the page to the bottom and click the ORANGE download button.
avoid the GREEN download button which is advertising.

I'm also sending some screenshots showing the different behavior of K-PACS and RadiAnt; you will find those screenshots in the zip file above as well.

These are serious issues since those images are the most important to be visualized in order to see the contrast enhancement pattern of breast lesions...

if RadiAnt fails to visualize the graphs, ROI and numbers is completely unusable for breast MRI studies.

It's a pity RadiAnt cannot handle them since is a better viewer than K-PACS in any other aspect.

I hope you will find a way to fix it.
Breast MRI studies are important to me and I'd like to view them with RadiAnt.

Jun 5, 2011 08:20 AM
by RadiAnt
Dear Tommy,

Thank you for thorough description of the problem and supplying sample files, I really appreciate it!
Two situations you wrote about are caused by the lack of DICOM overlay support in current version of RadiAnt.
I realize that it's pretty important feature and promise to implement it as soon as possible.

Thanks and greetings,
Jun 5, 2011 04:07 PM
by Tommy
DICOM overlay, that was the problem!!!
both the ROI and the graphics are probably text overlays over the DICOM images...

now I understand why RadiAnt does not show some labels in the images...

when we perform MSK MRI we always add a "right" or "left" label which appears at the bottom center of the images

for this reason when I load a right knee MRI on RadiAnt, the "right" label is not visible since it is a DICOM overlay as well.

I agree this is an important feature to add to RadiAnt

K-PACS has support for DICOM overlays
Jun 5, 2011 09:54 PM
by RadiAnt
Overlay support along with image rotation and flipping will be implemented most probably by the end of June.
Jun 6, 2011 08:52 AM
by Tommy
ok, that's great!!!

I'm looking forward to test this new versione.

the DICOM overlay problem is actually a major issue in breast MRI studies
Jul 21, 2011 08:16 AM
by Tommy
fixed in beta 0.45
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