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RadiAnt for Ultrasonography

Oct 25, 2017 10:25 AM
by DrMaestro
I am trying to implement a RadiAnt + Orthanc based DICOM solution to be used for ultrasonography. Movie clips are very important for ultrasonography cases and many DICOM viewers struggle with ultrasound clips. RadiAnt is perfect in that aspect, as it can load clips very fast and playback at realtime speeds. There are however 2 points that I think can be improved:

1) As you might know, many ultrasound devices are hard-coding the patient's name on the DICOM image. It is, of course, possible to anonymize patient data on the ultrasound device before sending it to PACS but it would make it very hard to archive. A solution that is used on Osirix / Horos is to create a rectangular ROI (which excludes the patient's name) and then convert only the contents of that ROI to a movie file. That way, it is possible to have a movie that can be used on presentations or teaching files. I haven't been able to find this option on RadiAnt but it could be so much useful for those planning to use RadiAnt for ultrasonography.. Any plans to implement it?

2) Powerpoint presentations can be picky on what movie format is playable (especially older versions). I can see that RadiAnt only exports WMV files. Is it possible to add other file types (like MPG or AVI)? (this can of course be achieved by using free converters, so it isn't as important as the first option)

Thank you very much for providing us your excellent software.
Oct 29, 2017 08:04 PM
by RadiAnt
Thank you for your kind words and suggestions.
We will add the anonymization option for US images/videos at some point.
It's a bit more complicated with the MPEG video compression due to licensing issues.
We will explore the possibilities.
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