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Radiant going pay only?

Nov 22, 2020 08:47 AM
by Radiologyfirst
Hello, I have been a die hard fan of radiant. Are you guys going pay only?. Would be keeping the trial free version available for users?

Appreciate the great work you guys are doing
Nov 23, 2020 12:41 PM
by RadiAnt
Thanks for your kind words!

With our extremely liberal trial licensing, RadiAnt has been available basically for free for more than 10 years now (keep in mind that it has always been a for-profit project). Currently we wouldn’t like to go the “pay only” way (well, the future will tell...). However, there will certainly be some differentiation between paid and trial versions (more frequent trial renewals, discontinuance of older versions from trial program, delayed start, banners advertising paid version, etc.). Still, rather small price to pay for the software RadiAnt has become.
Dec 3, 2020 10:17 PM
by VetMed
I honestly think you still are extremely friendly with your trial policy. You still are very cheap for a nearly fully featured dicom viewer and earn every cent for your licensed version.
Just for the future - you might give a 60 days trial period (that should be enough for thorough testing) and then separate into a "lite" free or the fully featured full version. Thus you can the students with you using the free version and those of us, who use Radiant in a professional way should be more than willing to pay the full version.
Dec 11, 2020 03:01 PM
by RadiAnt
Thank you, VetMed. We'll certainly be thinking how to keep RadiAnt available for all of those who are not able to purchase the license.
Jan 13, 2021 12:25 PM
by Radiologyrocks
I fully understand and support the financial interests of Radiant developers. However the trial extension banner ad comes right upon the coronal and sagital image reconstructions and only way to view the images is to shrink the images-- hoping that this doesnt effect patient care. Can the developers please consider an alternative approach. Hope you understand my concern
Jan 13, 2021 03:59 PM
by RadiAnt
Thanks for sharing your opinion. The banner occupies around 17% of the total height. The image can be easily made larger (even than the bannerless one) by enlarging the viewport (double-click) or just by zooming & panning.
Like it or not, there must be a clear difference between the trial and paid versions. 99.9% users will not buy something they can basically have for free.
Jan 14, 2021 07:46 PM
by GT
I think there is an unexpected problem here.
Yes, this banner is inconvenient and encourages people to buy a paid product that can't just be free forever.
But many will continue to use this software fo free with banner, which covers part of the image, will cause diagnostic mistakes.
Patients will suffer from that.
We need to think about it.

Jan 15, 2021 04:45 PM
by VetMed
Please - if you use Radiant for Diagnostic Purposes you should first consider that it is NOT approved for that kind of use. If you do it anyway - at least pay the (extremly low!!!) fee for a licensed version. And DO NOT BLAME the (already very generous - just compare the cost with other dicom viewers on the market) radiant developers for your unwillingless to pay resulting in mildly impaired use of the viewer.
Jan 15, 2021 05:35 PM
by Tommy
@GT your complains are ridicoulos...

every dollar or euro spent in buying a RadiAnt licence is worth it.

Jan 15, 2021 05:35 PM
by RadiAnt
Let us just repeat what VetMed posted - first and foremost you need to make sure that the specific use case of RadiAnt (which IS NOT a medical product) does not violate the local regulations in your country.

As for the banner, it covers a mere 3% of the image in the 2D viewer (on 13 inch screen). It is also pretty apparent that there is an image underneath because it is visible around the borders of the banner. Which makes almost unimaginable that someone using RadiAnt wouldn't know there's something beneath.
Jan 17, 2021 11:47 PM
by krasniqi65
Radiant Dicom software is great and very useful for Radiologist. Is there a possibility to buy only on license and to use it on two or three PC that can not run in two PC in same time. License to be attached to User, not to PC?
Jan 18, 2021 11:35 AM
by RadiAnt
Our viewer is licensed on a per-device basis (the activation is associated with the specific hardware ID). So each individual PC has to be licensed. One paid license can only be activated on one device (the device can be changed once in 90 days period). We may introduce some kind of "floating" licenses in the future.
Jan 18, 2021 01:23 PM
by stella.rausch
In trial version the banner will appear all time?
I love this program and use it for a long time
But as a vet in Brasil I use only in rx measures
Do does not compensate the pay version
I´m so sad...
Jan 18, 2021 03:46 PM
by RadiAnt
RadiAnt has been a paid software since 2011 when we started selling licenses at our online store.
It's only that for 10 years we have had an extremely liberal trial licensing policy - the license could be extended time and again virtually without any other differences from the paid version.
You have to understand that RadiAnt is a commercial project.
We still make the trial version available for free (with all the features enabled) but there are some minimal nuisances (the startup window with the link to the store, the small banner at the bottom of the screen, required reactivation of the trial license every month).

In 2021 we also introduced a more affordable option to purchase RadiAnt - the subscription plans (the cost for 1 year is about 30% of the permanent license).
The complete pricing is available at
Jan 22, 2021 10:08 AM
by MedRad
Just one suggestion. Sometimes our PC gets messed up and bootup is impossible to the point where we have to reformat our PC and hence no time to properly deactivate the software. It will mean that we can no longer activate Radiant on the same PC after reformatting. It will be better if we are able to reset license within our account or at least the support team should be quick to respond and reset our license the moment things like what I mentioned happens.
Jan 22, 2021 05:00 PM
by RadiAnt
Actually, you can deactivate your RadiAnt computers using My Licenses portal:
On the other hand, if the same computer is reformatted and its hardware and name does not change, there should be no problem with reactivation.
As for the support, we answer usually within a few hours(between 8AM and 10PM CET).
Jan 24, 2021 09:04 PM
by Maco
Another suggestion. Perhaps you should use a login system with the purchase of the license, as we see in streaming platforms, that allows use only on one device but that you can log in and log out depending on the equipment you want to use. It would be much more comfortable for users.
Jan 29, 2021 11:57 AM
by RadiAnt
Yes, we consider adding a plan where you will be able to log in with your account on several computers and only use one concurrently (for a single plan). However, this type of license will almost certainly require an internet connection to be able to use RadiAnt. If we decide to create such option, it could happen in a few months at earliest.
Jan 31, 2021 11:14 PM
by Lukash
It will be perfect
Feb 4, 2021 01:59 PM
by DrMaestro
My general use case for RadiAnt is as an ultrasound image viewer and especially converter for ultrasound clips. As such, I need to use it while I am at work (I have 2 computers there) to covert some clips from the local archive there, and also convert clips from my local archive at home. As a result, I need RadiAnt to be installed in 3 computers, but I'll never use them simultaneously, as I am the single user in each case, so in the current licensing practice I need to buy three licenses, which increases the cost. I definitley would prefer a licensing system where you are able to install RadiAnt in many computers (in my case 3) but run only 1 at a time.

Also, I'd like to see an option for the upgrades in the future. The subscription plan is the only one which allows you to upgrade the software continously, while the single license only gives upgrades for 12 months. There should be a cheaper upgrade option for existing users.
Feb 4, 2021 05:18 PM
by RadiAnt

Thank you for your comments. We will be certainly working on alternative licensing options so that all users are happy.
Please note that the upgrade option for permanent licenses still exists and is cheaper than the subscription plan (26 EUR vs 39 EUR for 1 year).
Feb 5, 2021 06:16 AM
by DrMaestro
Thank you very much for considering alternative licensing options. I had missed the upgrade option, sorry about that.
Feb 5, 2021 12:02 PM
by David
Radiant has been so useful in my research work, where I use at least 5 different computers.

5 licences is not realistic (the cost and also just the hassle of maintaining licences/claiming money back from employer etc etc).

While I fully appreciate that development of software costs time/money, unfortunately, I will need to try to find another free lightweight DICOM viewer.

Thanks for the free use of the product for the last few years though - I've been recommending RadiAnt to anyone who will listen.
Feb 5, 2021 12:14 PM
by RadiAnt
Sorry to see you go, David. Check us back once in a while. Soon we might have another licensing models that would suit better your use case.
Feb 5, 2021 01:39 PM
by GT
Thank you Radiant team! I think your price offer is very humane and not expensive!
For all countries of Western Europe, North America - great!
I beg you to vary the pricing policy for different regions!
For some countries like this one with my IP address is a little expensive!
Feb 5, 2021 01:41 PM
by GT
As far as I know, radiologists in Western Europe and North America, as well as a number of Arab countries, are making extremely good money. The prices for their services are fantastically high!
But in the countries of Eastern Europe the prices for the services of radiologists are 10 times lower!

Feb 5, 2021 03:21 PM
by RadiAnt

We understand that the perception of the price might differ in different countries. However, if we compare the monthly subscription price (in a 1-year plan) to a meal in an inexpensive restaurant in your country ( RadiAnt will still be cheaper.
Enforcing different price levels in different countries is impossible for products that can work offline. Even for online products it's easy to game with cheap VPN services.
Like mentioned above, we might work on another licensing models in the future when we have more usage/purchase data for thorough analysis.
Feb 6, 2021 09:56 AM
by Tommy
and if you consider the many years any of us, used RadiAnt for free, I really think nobody could complain for the current costs of an annual licence.
Feb 6, 2021 10:55 AM
by Tommy
before you ask... I have already 2 lifetime licences of the newest branch
Feb 14, 2021 10:10 AM
by RadiAnt
Please guys, let's keep this forum free from disrespect. Everyone can have their opinion but please be nice and friendly to others.

We cannot accept foul language here, I'm sorry. Your post has been deleted. You can voice your opinion in other way.
Feb 16, 2021 04:17 AM
by Johnny
Radiant is no doubt most user freindly & quick to load DICOM viewer I have ever used.

Just a thought that can the in-viewer banner be moved at the bottom most area, as it is now, covering almost 1/6th verticle area in the center of the viewer where most of the images are displayed.
Feb 16, 2021 04:23 PM
by DAvid
This is a great move, I fully support it. People value more what is not free. Looking forward to what you guys will produce with more funding. Radiologists even in many developing countries make very good money, paying a nominal fee shouldn't be a (genuine :)) issue.
Feb 17, 2021 12:15 PM
by boskar
Let's be honest - once You reach CE/FDA certification the price can be set to a comparable level to Osirix MD, as Radiant is becoming a strong competitor here.
Without certification current price seems fair, although the target buyer should slowly migrate from individual end-user towards institutional clients, even for non-diagnostic purpose.

Feb 18, 2021 10:47 PM
by Lukash
To the price of Osirix MD we should add a price of Mac PC :)
Feb 18, 2021 11:03 PM
by marcelvn
@boskar, I think the price point for Radiant is reasonable as it is, but thats up to the developers to decide. Just remember there are free viewers like weasis or microdicom that are very but useful at no charge, eith some missing features, though.
Radiant is a the fastest and most intuitive viewer, but to be fair, Osirix is in other tier of software. Apart from more tools in the viewer itself, database / series management, comlete PACS communications, webserver, radiology reporting and plugin system are some of the other features still lack..
Feb 19, 2021 02:12 PM
by Tommy
Osirix is Mac only AFAIK.

RadiAnt is the best on Windows IMHO.
Feb 19, 2021 09:43 PM
by boskar

Yes and no. Currently:
- database/series in Radiant - check, some features missing (tags, autodelete, etc)
- PACS - one way only,
- webserver - in most scenarios rarely useful
- reporting - once You need to make a text report in RIS it's pointless to use any reporting from a viewer, unless there is integration, I've never seen any integration here
- plugin system - would be nice, but It could make Radiant unstable

I expect:
- DICOM send
- 3D cursor working across multiple 3D-MPR and VR
- DICOMization of reconstructed images
- some more features...

In my opinion Radiant is getting complete enough to replace Osirix in *many* scenarios.

The turning point would be CE/FDA of course.
Feb 19, 2021 10:04 PM
by marcelvn
Radiant replaces osirix as a viewer in most scenarios, but osirix is able to serve as a single solution as PACS, viewer, printing, sharing (web portal), reporting and other needs even for a multimodality site... But radiant pricing is not up to us, anyway..
Feb 20, 2021 11:01 AM
by boskar
I won't call OsiriX a PACS, although It does work as Query/Retrieve SCP, It chokes on roughly 4000-5000 studies, even on a good hardware. On wonder what's the practical limit on radiant, sqlite is getting unefficient around 1 GB of database.
Q/R SCP in radiant... well, would be nice.
But speed in viewing, that's what is the most important.
Apr 16, 2021 01:41 PM
by Radman
Is the permanent radiant licensing option gone?i can't find it in the product page of radiant.
Apr 16, 2021 05:00 PM
by RadiAnt

There's a dedicated thread about changes in licensing:
Apr 25, 2021 03:09 AM
by darkroom
With no other way our institution moved on to Weasis.
Apr 25, 2021 10:47 AM
by RadiAnt
If you need a free DICOM viewer then Weasis is certainly the way to go...
Apr 30, 2021 08:28 PM
by Gonzo
I also use Radiant of 4 computers and paying 4 licences would be too expensive. Maybe login/password access could be an option in subscription plans?
May 1, 2021 09:12 AM
by RAS
I would like to add to the licensing discussion the option of a floating license, useable on a single machine. Internet access is near universal in the imaging environment should should not present a barrier to those wishing to subscribe to this type of license. Personally, I can access RV on anyone of half a dozen fixed devices, dependant on whether I am using it at work or home, and it would be out of the question to purchase that many subs. The free version nags are making it somewhat unpleasant to use IMO, and I must either move over to a sub or Weasis, which I am less less comfortable using.
May 3, 2021 05:03 PM
by RadiAnt
We're certainly considering the floating license model. It requires a proper implementation and can take some time.
May 8, 2021 07:49 PM
by Joel
I would also be interested in a floating license. My use case is that in my hospital, I would use Radiant to browse images from patients. I would also use it on the go, on my laptop. At home, on the eve of the surgery, I would use it on my large 32 inch screen on my PC, and plan surgery. Having 3 different licenses is too much. So currently I activated the license on one of my laptops. If I could switch between the three devices, it would be a great boon.
May 24, 2023 05:39 PM
by JohnT
How can I use the same license on PC and laptop? I'm single user.
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