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RadiAnt won't open .zip files which contain dots ( . ) in the filename [SOLVED]

this seems very similar to the issue of filenames with characters like "ò, à, ù, è" that I reported weeks ago and that you fixed.

if the zip file has "." inside its filename, RadiAnt won't load it and a "NO DICOM files found" error window will pop-up.

try to zip any DICOM file and rename that file as "test.file.zip"... RadiAnt won't load it.

try remane that file removing the "." (i.e. testfile.zip) and RadiAnt will load it.

I tested other characters like "- , _ @ # ° § ç" & % £ % ( ) =" but they do not show problems.

the only troublemaker seems to be the dot key "."

Jun 25, 2013 11:51 AM
by Tommy
Thanks Tommy. It was fixed a minute ago (took only one missing letter ;-)

Jun 25, 2013 12:13 PM
by RadiAnt
nice. proud to be your best bug-hunter. :-)

Jun 25, 2013 05:46 PM
by Tommy
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