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rekonstrukcje strzałkowe [sagittal reconstruction]

May 2, 2016 07:56 PM
by tomb745
Dlaczego program nie wykonuje rekonstrukcji strzałkowych/wieńcowych jeżeli skany axialne są pochylone (tilted) - czy jest to problem do usunięcia?
May 5, 2016 04:12 AM
by Tommy
I did a translation from polish to english using Google.
here it is.

I know that RadiAnt is a polish software but please guys understand the forum community is from people all around the world and it's nice to be understood by anyone. so next time please post a bilingual message.

anyway, here's the translation.


sagittal reconstructions

Why does not perform the reconstruction of sagittal / coronary scans if axialne are inclined (tilted) - whether it is a problem to remove?

the author will answer to you in more detail but I remember that I've already encountered this issue in the past with some brain CT scans where the gantry was tilted over a certain limit.

probably the MPR engine cannot work if the image are too much tilted.
I don't know if this issue could be solved somehow

May 5, 2016 08:55 AM
by RadiAnt
Tommy's right. We'd appreciate the messages in English (or bilingual). The fact is that the majority of our users come from outside of Poland...

Now, about the MPR tool and CT scans acquired with a tilted gantry. The current algorithm can only create a proper reconstrucion when all slices are parallel and located directly one above another:

In the future we plan to improve this algorithm so that it can also handle slices from tilted gantry scans.
May 7, 2016 11:14 AM
by tomb745
Ad Tommy and RadiAnt
I haven't notice any effort to translate spanish questions to english or polish, I also haven't find any info about preffered english Q&A. So - second category of users? Especially, that the great product is polish and has no competition - it's dissapointing that U R not proud - was it english enough?
May 7, 2016 11:49 AM
by RadiAnt

Please don't be offended. Even if English posts are preffered, we never ignored non-English messsages. Also, we're proud to come from Poland and don't try to hide this fact.
The thing is that RadiAnt is used in almost all countries of the world. If everyone started posting in their native language this forum would turn into a big mess. Sticking to English keeps it nice and clean.

Have a great sunny weekend :-)
May 11, 2016 07:36 AM
by ALS
Actually the MPR reconstruction problem with tilted images started from 3D feature first implementation, the version worked well with tilted slices (parallel but with changed angle), I wonder if the MPR algorithm changed since In addition, great thanks from Belarus for the best dicom viewer ever!!! and looking forward oblique MPR feature.
May 14, 2016 07:12 AM
by RadiAnt

Thanks for your compliment!
Yes, in earlier versions the MPR was possible, however the resulting series had distortion that's why we blocked it until these series are handled properly (it requires some 3D resampling). If you see the manual, there is a picture that shows tilted slices are not supported:
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