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speedup open multiple series

May 3, 2020 12:59 PM
by TosH
First of all, thanks to the Radiant team for the fastest and best DICOM viewer I know.

I use Radiant to view cardiac ultrasounds as cineloop. Each cine comes as multiframe image with near Full-HD and 2 beats of heart cycle. My preferred workflow is viewing all loops using "open multiple series". If I call "open multiple series" in a locally saved examination with approx. 20 loops (approx. 250MB) after opening, the creation of the overview on an I7-8700 / 16GB / SSD NVME / UHD 630 takes approx. 30 seconds. The CPU and GPU are loaded at around 20-30%. I have a similar impression on my notebook (i7, 16GB) with a Quadro K2100M, here the Quadro has no influence. In my opinion, the latency arises from loading the data from the SSD into the RAM?
I know that a lot of data has to be moved, at the same time the cineloops have to be scaled. Even if the latency appears to be low, this adds up over the course of a day or if you jump from one study to another.

Hence my question: is there a way to speed up the image construction?

kind regards
May 7, 2020 10:58 AM
by RadiAnt
TosH, thank you for your comments!

It could be that the cineloop DICOMs include images in a compressed form. And the decompression takes some time. Anyway, we'll check if there are any possibilities to speed up this process.
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