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store locally and send to pacs

Dear Radiant-Developers,
my wishes for Santa Claus and christmas:
- please allow Radiant to store the dicom pictures locally in a database like sqlite or even mysql or mariadb!
- please allow Radiant to send the dicom pictures or series or patients to other pacs!
- please give Radiant the ability to burn pictures, series and even mutiple patients on a cd!

This would make Radiant to to best Dicom system ever. And yet it is the best Dicom viewer one could think of.

Thany you so much

Nov 5, 2016 09:43 AM
by Georg
most of these feature requests are already in the To Do List.
I suggest buying a licence to support the developers.
the software is incredible cheap in respect to what it can do.

Nov 9, 2016 06:28 AM
by Tommy
Dear Georg,

Thank you for your kind words.
This year Santa won't be this generous, I'm afraid.
He's going to bring the oblique MPR instead ;-)
Like Tommy said, these things are in our to-do list, we all just need some patience :-)


Nov 10, 2016 07:10 PM
by RadiAnt
Dear Maciej,
thank you so much!


Nov 11, 2016 03:40 PM
by Georg
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