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time-intensity curves not downloaded by RadiAnt PACS beta

Nov 14, 2014 04:47 AM
by Tommy
hi, I think I've found a bug of the latest beta.

I have breast MRI studies stored in my ClearCanvas PACS with morphological images and time-intensity curves (TIC) as well

when I do a query-retrieve of such a study with RadiAnt the viewer only loads the morphological images while the series with the TIC curves are not displayed and not selectable in the preview series left panel.

it seems just a problem of retrieval since if I manually load the folder study into RadiAnt, all series including TIC are displayed.

I think it's not a problem of ClearCanvas since if I retrieve the same case with iQ-VIEW it will receive all the series

so for some reason it's just the RadiAnt PACS retrieval that doesn't loads those TIC series.

Nov 17, 2014 12:28 PM
by RadiAnt
Thanks for reporting this issue, Tommy. With your assistance we'll be checking this in a few days.
Nov 20, 2014 05:40 AM
by Tommy
do you need sample files? the TIC i can't download are those generated by Siemens Mean Curve software.

as said those series are not retrieved by RadiAnt PACS.
however if you manually drag and drop those files into RadiAnt the images are loaded so it's just a problem in the retrieval from PACS
Dec 2, 2014 07:39 PM
by RadiAnt
Yes, sample files would be helpful. I'd appreciate if you send them to us. It's probably something with the transfer syntax negotiation.
Nov 11, 2015 06:33 PM
by Tommy
issue is not anymore reproducible using RadiAnt 2.2.3
bug is gone :-)
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