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Tools and features wishlist

I am a RadiaANT user BETA since it's start.
I am a paediatrc cardiologist doing cardiac MRs.
The features in the latest versions are awesome and better that some
workstations included softwares.
I still find some tolls not available. Is there a wishlist/asking list that we can ask or suggest?
My wishlist/asking list would be.....
1. A free hand drawing tool to measure the area / dimensions
2. export of MIP/3D reconstructions to movie/avi/mp4 etc (it's such a waste to have produced such beautiful 3D reconstructions but unable to export it out, while using a screen-recording the software to "capture" the video....
3. Ventricular stack/volume in systole/diastole area --> to calculate the volumes and ejection fraction/mass (coming from a cardiac point of view, from free MacOS software, eg HOROS/Osirix pluins)
4. Flow plugins to calculate flows
6.....and many more request

I am sure RadiANT team will do better if not on par with those expensive post processing softwares in the market.


Jul 21, 2018 03:35 AM
by wooikok
Wooikok, thank you for your kind words and suggestions! All feature suggestions are noted and placed in our internal to-do list. Some of them make it to the release versions sooner, but others can take years. That's why we always ask our users for a lot of patience ;-)

Jul 23, 2018 11:44 AM
by RadiAnt
My wish would be:

1. make better structurized side list of patients and examinations... I mean to minimize/delete patient or/and pictures from sidelist. Now is growing and growing up, and it`s diffucult to find patient to the end. I must restart RadiAnt to make a list shorter, unnecessary... Maybe when you prepare 10 CT or MR it`s not a problem, but 50 reumathology RTG are really long list to see.
2. Make a possibility to accept incoming examinations as default option. Every time when I restart to make a list shorter, must I check unnecessary accept incoming exams.
3. Possibility a harware key to make more flexible license for "travelling" radiologist... Extra price, of course, but if balanced, could be high valuable argument to buy it! I`m first...
4. Possibility to change colors pattern from gray/black/brown to more individual... is it so huge problem?
5. Curved MPR... it could be nice to have better possibilitie to visualize f.ex. scoliotic columna or take a better look in angio...

Aug 14, 2018 08:42 AM
by Mariusz
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