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Viewing parametric maps with Radiant

Dec 15, 2021 02:57 PM
by George ka

I am using RadiAnt to view DICOM studies in my PC and I have to admit, it's an impressive piece of software! I need however to display and do measurements on parametric maps exported from a GE and a Siemens workstation, and I have some issues;

1) Is it possible to display the maps in colour scale? I have found that I can cheat the system by opening the parametric map and next to it an anatomical series of the same patient. I can then enable the fusion option and change the fusion ratio to 100%. However, it is impossible to open multiple maps in the same window, as only the first one can be fused with the anatomical image. I'm sure there is information about the colour scale in the DICOM properties of each map, because they are displayed properly in other PACS solutions, but the option to select manualy a rainbow colour scale for each map would do just fine.

2) Is it possible to export ROI measurements in text format (e.g. .csv)?

3) Is it possible to rotate oval ROIs, or place 3D ROIs in MPR images? The closed polygon tool would function great for doing measurements in tumors but, as right now, it displays only the perimeter and the diameter of the ROI

Thank you in advance!
Dec 20, 2021 12:27 AM
by RadiAnt
Hi George,

Thank you for your kind words and questions.
Unfortunately the answer to all of them is no.
For consolation, I can assure that we will work on these features in future versions of RadiAnt.
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