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Jul 18, 2017 08:49 PM
by Neto
first of all: Congratulations for your amazing work!
Is there any chance of using RadiAnt with WADO?
Jul 20, 2017 07:42 PM
by RadiAnt

Thank you for your kind words!
Yes, RadiAnt will certainly handle WADO connections at some point in time. I can't give a specific date right now but this feature has high priority.

Kind regards,
Aug 7, 2017 07:59 PM
by Brunno Souto
IS not there specific date yet ? that would be nice !!
Aug 13, 2017 01:31 AM
by RadiAnt
Sorry, but still no specific date.
Dec 10, 2017 06:44 PM
by Neto
Please don't give up WADO!
Once more I'd like to congratulate for your work.

Thank you!!
Dec 19, 2017 05:12 PM
by RadiAnt
Thank you, Neto. We don't give up :-)
Dec 20, 2017 01:40 AM
by Michael Tran
Vote !
Thank you for your work .
I also hope to see Radiant viewer version with database soon
Jan 22, 2018 11:32 PM
by Mauro

Thanks for your great job... Pleease put wado on radiant :D

Mar 12, 2018 01:38 PM
by Daniel Petim
Sure, WADO would be a great improvement for dicom connectivity.
Keep going you excellent work.

Apr 27, 2018 03:40 AM
by Walder Neto - Brazil
RadiAnt is working with WADO?
Apr 30, 2018 06:12 AM
by RadiAnt
There is no specified time frame for WADO support at this moment.
Aug 6, 2018 09:06 PM
by Leandro
Hi, Thanks guys for the great job. Any news about wado connection?

Best regards,
Aug 20, 2018 11:05 PM
by Brunno Souto
aNY NEWS about WADO protocol? would be really nice!!!
Aug 21, 2018 08:40 PM
by RadiAnt
Still no news about WADO. Sorry guys :-(
Jun 11, 2019 06:07 PM
by Lucas
Hi Guys! Thank you for your Fantastic work, do we have WADO integration nowadays?
Jun 16, 2019 07:01 PM
by RadiAnt
Thanks, Lucas! Sorry to disappoint you, but no WADO in RadiAnt yet...
Mar 10, 2020 03:19 PM
by ChoChoS
Hi guys, what about wado?, we wanna deploy 500 pcs with radiant in my hospital, but I don't wanna register each one of them in the PACS, we need WADO urgently to buy Radiant, else, we have to take another solution. Thanks.
Mar 23, 2020 12:14 PM
by RadiAnt
No updates regarding WADO at this moment...
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